Children in the Garden

Ground your child in the natural world

Nature-based Montessori
pre-k and kindergarten

Our world is changing dramatically...and how we educate our children is changing as well.  There have never been more alternative education options available to families, and Live Oak Learning Montessori is one of the new education models serving families in Parker County, Texas.  There are many terms being thrown around in education circles these days - "hybrid", "micro-school" and others.  Live Oak Learning is a Montessori Co-op and Enrichment Program designed to give your child a strong learning foundation to succeed whether they attend public school, private school or home-school. 

Ages 4-7
Pre - K, Kindergarten

Foreign Language, Music, Art
Enrichment Classes


Live Oak Learning Montessori is a perfect fit for:

  • Families whose children who will be attending public school at some point, but want a solid foundation 

  • Homeschool families looking for a more authentic Montessori work cycle experience

  • Homeschool families where both parents are working and need a bit of school assistance for part of the day

  • Children who need to be challenged in their learning

  • Families who want their child exposed to foreign languages like Mandarin, Spanish and American Sign Language

  • Children who are active and need more movement in their school day than a traditional classroom setting

  • Children who need a bit of a catch-up and personal attention before moving on in their learning journey

Our Day Monday thru Friday:

8:30 a.m. Pre-K, Kinder Morning Work Cycle (3 hours)

                   This includes a morning gathering time and a traditional uninterrupted learning period.  Foreign languages, music, art will be offered during this time.  We will spend a significant amount of time in the garden and outdoor classroom.

11:30 a.m. Lunch, Work Cycle Pick-Up, Clean Up

                    Morning only children will be dismissed at this time.  Lunch and afternoon children, will eat together, wash dishes and clean up their own space.  Quiet reading time until afternoon enrichment classes begin.

2:30 p.m. Pre-K and Kinder Parent Pick-Up and End of Day

"Live Oak Learning Montessori helped us get through the summer of 2020 when life as we knew it shut down.  Ms. Eren is a gem - the most patient, creative, kind, loving teacher we have ever had - even out 10 year old wants to be a part of her class!  She has made this online program feel as close to in-person Montessori as you can get.  The community she has built is a great group, and we will miss it so much as our child moves on to public school."

-A.W., parent

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