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Nature-based Montessori
pre-k, kindergarten to 3rd grade
in Parker County, Texas

We are currently full and on a waiting list for the 2023-24 school year. 
We are now registering for the 2024-25 school year!
Please contact us.

Ages 4-6, Primary Classroom
Pre - K 4 to Kindergarten

Fully Immersive Spanish/English Classroom

Science and Nature Emphasis

Phonics-based Reading

Cursive & Print Writing

Cooking, Sewing, and Woodcrafts

Exposure to ASL and Mandarin Chinese

Movement throughout the day including Yoga, Sensory Movement and Dance

Developmental Art & Music Curriculum

Ages 6-10, Lower Elementary Classroom

Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Science and Nature Emphasis

Continued Spanish Lessons and American Sign Language Emphasis

Phonics-based Reading

Cursive & Print Writing

Cooking, Sewing, and Woodcrafts

Continued Exposure to Mandarin Chinese

Movement throughout the day including Yoga, Sensory Movement and Dance

Formal Art & Music Curriculum


Live Oak Learning Montessori is a perfect fit for:

  • Families whose children who will be attending public school at some point, but want a solid foundation 

  • Homeschool families looking for a more authentic Montessori work cycle experience

  • Homeschool families where both parents are working and need a bit of school assistance for part of the day

  • Highly intelligent children who need to be challenged in their learning

  • Families who want their child exposed to foreign languages like Mandarin, Spanish and American Sign Language

  • Children who are active and need more movement in their school day than a traditional classroom setting

  • Children who need a bit of a catch-up and personal attention before moving on in their learning journey

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How much outside time will my child get each day?

The amount of time spent outside is completely up the the child.  Full day students have two recesses scheduled into the day.  But, everyday children play outside – run, skip, jump, climb and even splash in puddles! Students have free access to our outdoor classroom.  They even eat lunch outside most days.  Being outside is good for kids....and adults!


Will my child take standardized tests?

No.  Standardized test do not align with Montessori philosophy.  Instead, we rely on detailed observations to document your child's progress.  Through our online app, you will receive weekly updates on the activities your child is completing.  We can provide a formal assessment upon request.


Does Live Oak Learning partner with parents in their children's education?

At this school, we welcome parent involvement.  We welcome volunteers, and at any time, you are welcome to observe your child's classroom to watch them in action. In fact, if you have a special talent, we invite you to come teach a lesson!   We realize how important the education of young children is to parents and we take this responsibility very seriously.

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Will my child be exposed to technology during their day (Ipads, computer games, movies).  

No.  Montessori does not traditionally expose young children to technology until after 7 years of age or when they can read.  And even then, computers are used for research only.  Our youngest children learn best by experiencing the environment around them: touching, tasting, smelling, listening.  Older children will learn to use an IPAD for student-lead research projects.

Ms. Eren will be the best teacher your kids will have! She provided such an amazing start for my kiddo in a Pre-K aged Montessori classroom. The amount of compassion she has for her students is unmatched. My daughter’s love of learning is definitely because of her start under Ms. Eren’s wing. I would recommend Live Oak and Ms. Eren every day of the week! - Kayce G., parent

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School Hours:

Regular School Hours
8:30 am - 3:00 p.m.


Ms. Eren can be reached by phone at:


Please leave a message and she will get back to you as soon as she can.


Open from August to May.



606 Mockingbird Lane

Weatherford, Texas  76086

If you have any questions, feel free to

Email Us or call 757.450.3736.

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