About Montessori and

Our Curriculum

As you can see from the video above, the Montessori Method does not use what most would consider a traditional curriculum.  There are no workbooks, no worksheets, and not every child is receiving the same lessons at the same time.  Montessori is child led and lessons are given individually to each child based upon their interests.

So how does Montessori differ from a more traditional classroom?







But that is not to say that a Montessori classroom is a free for all and children aren't learning.  Montessori teachers use a scope and sequence to help guide them as to which lessons might come next or which materials to introduce to the child.  The scope and sequence is quite large and complex.  This is why Montessori guides have to go to school for years to know how to present these materials.  See this link for a complete scope and sequence.

So, what does a Montessori classroom look like?

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